As the installation can not be carried out by the vendor it is not possible to give a guarantee for a successful installation.

Use of the brake.

As the brake contains parts that are subject to wear during use, any guarantee can not cover these parts. Neither is it possible to guarantee against overheating or the damage this could inflict on involved parts. Neither is it possible to guarantee against wear on wheels. The buyer of this brake also agrees to accept full responsibility for any accident related to the use of this brake. For use of the brake on long or steep hills it is recommended that there should be a brake on each skate, to diminish the risk of overheating by sharing workload between the two skates. There may be other control advantages by having the possibility of varying between left and right foot braking.

For the skate brake's other parts a warranty of 2 years will apply, provided the parts have not been damaged by heat or by forces they have not been designed for.