Requirements for an in-line skate to use the brake.

These demands are fulfilled by most in-line skates with wheel diameter up to 94 mm.

  1. The distance between the outer sides of the frame must not exceed 41 mm at the bottom of the frame. SEE ILLUSTRATION!
  2. The in-line skate's wheels should have a diameter no less than 70 mm and no greater than 94 mm. (If you have 92-94 mm wheels, see next item.) Wheels smaller than 70 mm may result in parts of the brake touching the ground by only moderate inclination of the skate. The brake unit is also made for wheels with a standard width of 24 mm. In the unique cases with wheels so special that they can not be used with this brake the solution will be a new set of wheels if they can be fitted on the skate.
  3. Wheels with a diameter from 92 to 94 mm may be fitted in the brake's frame only by replacing the pin that locks the brake plates with f.ex. screws attached to the brake frame's side walls.
  4. The brake is made for wheel axles with a diameter of 1/4 inch.
  5. Any existing heel brake must be detachable. Also; A small part of the frame more than 26 mm behind the axle hole for the backmost wheel may need to be removed. These rare occasions may however be avoided, if dealt with as described for wheels with a diameter between 92 to 94 mm.
  6. It must be possible to attach wire holders (or the wire directly) and cog belt holder to the frame. This means that the sides to the frame holding the wheels must be flat.