An introduction to the book
The chase for Zero Gravity

-It is easier to believe in a lie,
heard one thousand times,
than in a piece of truth,
heard for the first time.

Why believe in fictional postulates from 1905,
and mathematics that describe these fantasies?
Why not interpret the world
based on current knowledge?

This is about credibility,
intellect, common sense and logic!

Below are a few extracts and summaries.
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read the whole book.

Derailments and coincidences on the path to here

The discovery of "the source" of gravity

The book's table of content

A presentation of the content
An introductery summary for a greater understanding of the book

Criticism on Lorentz´ factor, which derailed the science.
And Einstein's two shameful postulates

To solve a problem from a well-known experiment, performed in 1887 and to which none had found a solution during the remaining years of that century, Albert Einstein came up with a convenient postulate. This wasn't enough, so he had to come up with ONE MORE!

Now, what is a postulate? If you don't understand how for example a pig has ended up on the roof of a car, you may solve this riddle by coming up with a postulate claiming that, during certain demanding moments in a pig's life, it can fly. And that would explain every pig you see on top of car. "But", says somebody, we can't see those wings! Well, then we need one more postulate, one that is claiming that those wings are invisible. After this demanding process of sqeeizing fantasies out of a creative brain, we can impress people by describing these flying pigs with mathematical formulas. Read about Albert's postulates in the book.

The result, from the young opportunist Albert E.'s postulates was a very farfetched solution, and it was of course not accepted by the honest scientists of that time, who refused to accept the emperor's new clothes. Einstein had not found a solution! He had created a solution! The real scientists of those days must have felt both horror and disgust, during these difficult years, when journalists with no scientific background made their living by spreading idéas about photons and other idéas based on Lorentz´factor, that made people dream about "time travelling". People believed in anything written. (Hopefully they believe this too!)

But as there were no alternative solution to the riddle from 1887 available when the last critic had died, these strange idéas survived. And by the course of time these speculative idéas has, as we know, become established facts. Todays scientists in this area are too brainwashed to realize, that they have to take many steps back, and accept this book's solution to the enigma from 1887. The solution is based on the available knowledge we possess today, and not only on the knowledge available one hundred years ago.

The book is easy to understand. Even our so-called scientists would be able to absorb the content. However, due to a combination of arrogance, pride, fear, lack of intelligence and the lack of what should define a true scientist, namely the ability to do discoveries - they dare not to open this book. They would rather continue their paid captivity in the fog and mist, without moving forward. Their self-chosen task has been to defend and manage their road to nowhere.

The great battle of reason
The thruth undressed

In the Middle Ages, the "experts" believed that we were at the center of the universe. And they still think so. This time by saying that we have the same distance in all directions to the edge of the universe. That is, we happen to be right on the spot for the Big Bang. Human intelligence may be good, but what good is it if the judgment has not improved! What does the “elite" say, those who consider themselves to have a monopoly on the truth? And how do you reason?

Belief in the theories of relativity leads to the acceptance of the "curved space", which says that the universe is shaped like an infinite "∞". How well does this form fit the Big Bang fantasies? And what does the project team, which is building a three-dimensional model of the universe, say about the curved space. Their model, which covers just over 10 billion light-years in all directions, shows no sign of a curved space. The model has, with intensive mapping, been under construction for several decades. They have had the latest technical aids to help them. What do you think of the Big Bang? Are you too lazy, coward or afraid to think for yourself, and let others decide over the truth? Remember that one of the Nobel laureates does not believe in the Big Bang either. So what is your excuse, if you believe in these unproved theories?

But feel no guilt. Human genes, developed from herd animals, has for thousands of years made humans to willingly constitute obedient hordes that has been exploited by high priests, and as easily controlled zombies, humans have even witnessed human sacrifices. Our genes, which tell us that there is security in togetherness, have not changed. Therefore, even the most sensible words from a single man can not break the enchantment of the high priests. You can at most sow a few grains of doubt, which are then trampled down, just to disappear into the dust. The high priests must themselves hang off their mantle.

Big Bang could never have happened

Synopsis of the book

Dark matter and kinetic energy

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Ptolemaios-Copernicus. What have we learned from history?

Why is there a sarcastic tone in the book